Total Loss


The car  has become an a mechanical extension of our own body. For a lot of people they are the synonym for speed, adventure or even freedom. But when we talk about cars we also talk about car-crashes.

Today, in Europe alone, each year nearly 2 million people face the consequences of a car accident. It’s amazing how we all tolerate the carnage that’s happening on our roads. We would never tolerate this amount of victims if they were a result of terrorism, war, or any kind of disease.

Car accidents are offcourse primaly read as horrifying events in which characters are being mutilated or even die, but they should also be seen as a charged encounter between man and machine. The wrecks in this series are therefore cruel, mechanical still lifes, but they should be seen as a methaphor for the failing of the relationship that we have with our cars. By applying the seducive aesthetics from commercial car photography on the wrecks, I create a kind of ambiguity. A tension between form and content but also between attraction and repulsion.

There is actually a form of irony because I tried to create something beautifull from something ‘ugly’. The ideal photographic representation thus collides with the actual drama of the subject. And that is in addition in contrast with the way we presented with these events in everyday life, when we read the newspaper or watch the news ..

In addition to the car wreck series, I investigated the effect that the car crash has on it’s enviroment. These photographs are mainly linked with the human tragedies that took place there. The landscapes I created refer to a kind of portrait of absence, a photograph of death without the killing.

Selected for Ithaka art festival Leuven 2012


Selected for Wanetoe price 2012


Selected for Best of Media and Design Academy 2012


Selected for Best of Mad-faculty expo 2012


Selected  for Photo Academy Award 2012


Selected for Festival of Creativity 2012