‘The buxus, het palmboompje, de buxboom.’ For many years it’s the preferred crop of the Flemish (front)garden. But the buxus days seem to be numbered. The buxusmoth, an invasive insect that feeds on the leaves of the plant, is leaving crisp branches throughout the whole of Flanders. Even more striking than the rapid spread of the caterpillar – which turns out to be a valuable food source for native bird species- is the panic reaction evoked among the Flemish population. Despite the deadly consequences for the local fauna and flora, very toxic agents are being used to keep the shrub green. All this in a time when it’s becoming apparent that it’s best to deal with mother Nature in a more sustainable way.

This series is a result of a brief crusade throughout the Flemish region. The aim of this study is to create an ironic topology and categorisation from the point of view of conservation. It can be seen as a witness of how we alter our natural environment to meet our needs.

-work in progress-